Friday, August 12, 2011

...and the adventure ends

As I scrub the last little bit of dirt and sweat off from Haiti, I have a lot going through my mind.
I am happy to be home with my family, but my heart aches to be in Haiti - to be with the children, loving them and embracing them.
It is a bittersweet day.
I have learned so much about the group that went with me.
I saw Daniel as a strong, yet gentle leader. He is great with the kids - sharing his thirst for knowledge. He wanted to engulf himself in his environment and with the children of Haiti.
Chris is a quiet compassionate soul. His eyes show his feelings. He loved being with the children and has a desire to make a change. The boys loved being with him.
Sara is incredibly empathetic. She took the time to get to know names of many of the children and they connect with her. She was visibly affected by the conditions in Haiti.
I am so proud of our group. They have forever touched the lives of so many. They stepped out of their comfort zone and did what they knew and felt needed to be done.
I will forever remember this trip. I hope to continue to hear (in my head) the echoes of two young boys "try" to say my name. I will never forget the children calling for us to come play bubbles with them or the children yelling "Blanc! Blanc! Blanc!" as we drove by in the truck.
I will forever be changed by the people and prayers within one of the many tent cities.
The adventure has come to an end. I pray at some point to go back.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Burgers and a Salad

Just had the best burger of my life at the airport. It tasted so good but I am stuffed now. Had a Guacamole burger, Marilee copied me. Just waiting to board the plane, should be home around 11. It was an amazing trip. Thanks for following the blog!

Well for those that know me you know what I got... A salad big surprise there right?!? Any ways just waiting to board the plane and yes we all smell pretty bad!! (thanks for following and commenting on the blog)

How is this stuff gonna fit

Time to pack up and do some last minute things. We will be leaving at around 12

What an experience

I cannot begin to say how much I have loved this mission trip. I loved the kids, the people we stayed with, our translators, our drivers, the smiles we got when we drove by, and I could go on for days. This place has affected me so much that I have been opened to a new outlook on life. I love this place. I would absolutely love love love to come back and see how I can help this place and these people. Even though I did miss home, I just need to be here. Sorry guys but I will always love this place:) I'll see you guys later this evening at BWI, back home in the MD.

We are leaving

I probably had the worst night of sleep ever last night. I would fall asleep and then wake up and check the time and it would only be 10-15 minutes later. I couldn't go to sleep. I was so tired, but it was hot and my nose is all stuffed up. All of the other nights sleep was fine. I even went outside on the roof to try and go to sleep. It was very peaceful and cool and I just hung out and watched the lightning. Haiti was amazing and even though i didn't sleep last night, that matters nothing compared to what I've seen and done. I'm excited to go back home today and I can't wait to tell everyone everything I've done this week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Got back from our last day of VBS. It was extremely hard for me to realize that we weren't coming back. I don't think the kids knew that we weren't coming back. I tried to say goodbye but to some kids it was too hard. I gave my email to Corey but I don't know if it will work. Before I left I gave Corey a picture of me, his face just lit up and was very happy. But before all of our goodbyes I actually started a game of soccer with some of the kids. It was the most fun I have ever had playing soccer and one of the best moments here. I was on the team with Corey, and I had no idea who else was on my team. But I had a ton of fun, I even fell down and had everyone laughing. And when I got up I had little kids patting off the dust. It was an amazing last day and I won't ever forget it. I will be home soon, love ya all

Not To Do

Here are some things not to offer us when we come home:
-warm water
-to turn the AC off when it's 90 degrees
-barking dogs
-fried plantains
-a bag to put our used toilet paper in
-to let us ride in the back of your pickup (with 7 other people)
-to turn the power on and off for no reason and at no certain time
-the smell of burning trash
-roosters that like to start their day at 2:30 in the morning

We will miss Haiti, but some things are meant to be left in Haiti!